Divorce is not easy. It is difficult emotionally, financially and can be completely overwhelming. Let us help you through this difficult time. At Ornell Law Office we can simplify the process and help keep it as affordable as possible so that you can begin to move on.

The documents below provide information and checklists to help you prepare. They are merely intended to provide you with a guideline of what will be required. You may not know what all of these items are but don't be concerned—that's why we are here. If you have any of these items already it is good to bring them with you to your initial consultation and we will guide you through the rest.

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Documents Required Custody, Support, Visitation Complaint

Joint Petition for Divorce 1A -
Irretrievable breakdown of the Marriage

Required Documents for Complaint for Divorce 1B

Required Documents for Separate Support Complaint

Parenting Programs